Our Services

Renewable Energy

We will assist and produce a quality commissioning of the following systems:

  • Solar water heating
  • Solar wall ventilation
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Geo-thermal installations
    Design Review the drawings for commissioning issues. Report on issues that enhance performance. Best possible results for the system that is chosen.
    Construction Provide quality control management, which will identify the testing requirements and schedule, monitor and verify results for mechanical, electrical and building systems. Additional control over the construction activities and special requirements on the selected installation.
    Performance Testing Conduct independent tests with 100% mechanical verification to ensure that the building systems are performing to design intent. A building that performs to design intent. The building owners will have a functional system with measured values for payback.
    Turnover Assist the design and construction teams in turning over the energy savings documentation to the building owner. A smooth turnover process for the building owner.
    First Year of Operation Conduct seasonal performance testing and continue with operations training. Verification that the renewable systems provide the performance intended by the design. And confirm that the operators know how to operate and maintain the renewable systems.