Our Projects

Office Buildings

McMaster Innovation Park | Hamilton, Ontario

In order to improve energy efficiency, the entire envelope of the building has been modified. Some of these modifications include a new high R value roof, the application of sprayed insulation on all exterior walls and the replacement of all old windows with new windows. This building includes, in addition to standard leasable office areas, space intended for laboratories use, large conference rooms, meeting rooms, food concessions and fitness facilities complete with change rooms and showers.

Total Area: 185,000 sq ft

MIP Canmet

Waterloo North Hydro | Waterloo, Ontario

This 100,000+ sq. ft., two-storey building is divided into two sections: one for the administration offices for the company and the second for vehicle storage and repair bays. The spaces in the building will include offices, reception areas, shower and locker facilities, meeting rooms, and lunch rooms. The building will also include geothermal heating and cooling.

Goal: LEED Silver Certification

Total Area: 105,000 sq ft

Waterloo North Hydro

Creekside Corporate Centre | Mississauga, Ontario

The client for this project, one of Canada's technology firms is constructing a phased development.

When completed, this building will accommodate 320,000 square feet of space in two identical, mirrored six-storey towers connected by an at-grade link building. The building provides space for conventional office programs.


Northfield Buildings | Waterloo, Ontario

Northfield 1 is a customer service centre among six other office buildings, forming a new corporate campus. This new building will include offices, training areas, lunchrooms and a parking structure. The building has been laid out in a format to maximize daylight for staff by placing enclosed rooms and meeting areas in the centre of the building and allowing the staff to occupy the open office area.

Goal: LEED Platinum Certification

Total Area: 185,000 sq ft


3M Office Building and Warehouse | Milton, Ontario

The 3M Distribution Facility is a commercial distribution facility spread over an area of approximately 310,000 square feet, and is located in Milton, Ontario. 3M will also be consolidating its supply chain operations into this new office and warehouse space.

Goal: LEED Certification

Total Area: 309,247 sq ft


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