Our Projects


St. Joseph’s Healthcare – Phase 1 & 2 | London, Ontario

Phase 1 of this project is the renovation of the ambulatory care facility. This includes a new cataract suite, more short-stay beds, and an expansion of urgent care, urology endocrinology, and diabetes services.

Total Area: 81,175 sq ft renovation

Phase 2 of this project is the renovation of the ambulatory care facility. This will include renovated space for services including endoscopy; city wide ophthalmology; ear, nose and throat; ambulatory gynecology; and diabetes endocrinology.

Total Area: 112,000 sq ft renovation, 4,000 sq ft addition


London Health Sciences | London, Ontario

LHSC is building at a very rapid pace with their re-development. We have commissioned many of their projects to include but not limited to:

Perioperative Care, Cancer Research, Diagnostic Imaging, Bio Medical, Clinical Laboratories, ENT, Coronary Care, Special Interventional Procedures, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Paediatric Transport Unit, Pre-Admission Clinics, Satellite Pathology Laboratory, Temporary Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac Non-Invasive Diagnostic Clinics, Baines Centre for Transitional Research, and Lindros Legacy Centre.

London Health Sciences

St. Peter’s Hospital – Alexander Pavillion | Hamilton, Ontario

The Alexander Pavilion in St. Peter’s Hospital is designed for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. The pavilion includes suites for patients in a serene and comfortable atmosphere, specialized lighting and flooring, and kitchens and spa-like bathroom facilities. The goal for the pavilion was to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for their patients.


For a complete list of our projects, contact us at info@cfmswest.ca.