Our Services


Bringing Total Quality To Every Project.

Whether you are a building owner or architect, CFMS-West offers all the services you need to ensure your buildings are performing at peak efficiency and meeting all regulations.

CFMS-West engineers and technicians understand all the areas that are important to you, such as the construction process, design of mechanical and electrical systems, project management and facilities management. Our team will develop a total commissioning plan designed with your goals in mind that reflects the size and complexity of your building.

Design Review the drawings for commissioning issues. Prepare a commissioning plan and provide the commissioning specification sections. Reduced number of change notices and a quality control plan that will help protect construction costs and schedule.
Construction Provide quality control management, which will identify the testing requirements and schedule, monitor and verify results for mechanical, electrical and building systems. Additional control over the construction costs and the schedule.
Performance Testing Conduct independent tests with 100% BAS verification to ensure that the mechanical building systems are performing to design intent. A building that performs to design intent. The building occupants will have a comfortable environment, which will result in fewer complaints.
Training and Documentation Ensure a professional training program. A videotape of the training sessions and a systems operating manual will be provided. Well-trained building operators and a permanent training tool for new operators. This will maintain the life expectancy of the building systems and reduce tenant complaints.
Turnover Assist the design and construction teams in turning over the contract documents to the building owner. A smooth turnover process for the building owner.
First Year of Operation Conduct seasonal performance testing and continue with operations training and review the O & M procedures. Verification that the building systems provide the performance intended by the design. And confirm that the operators know how to operate and maintain the building systems.